Friday, May 20, 2011

POF do not date this player list


There are men on this site that PRETEND to be looking for a long term relationship.  They pour on the charm to get you into an intimate relationship quickly.  Then as fast as it started, they drop you for no apparent reason.  You’re confused about what happened….it is then that they tell you that they are “picky”.  They think your nose is too long, your hair isn’t the right color, or some other body part isn’t up to their standards etc.  All things that they KNEW BEFORE they tried to get you to bed!!! It’s NOT YOU.  They are only here to bed as many women as possible.  They will also refuse to use protection.  They are here because they HATE women and are trying to spread legs and DISEASE to any willing participants. 

LADIES!!!  Have some self-respect!!!  You might even believe that you can CHANGE them.  Or that you are the BEST girl out there for them.  But they have already been with 100’s of QUALITY WOMEN that they used like a tissue!  We are ALL wonderful people that deserve love, companionship and most of all RESPECT!   TAKE BACK YOUR DIGNITY!!!

If you suspect you have been with one of these users – we are trying to get an anonymous “do not date this player list” going to warn other women to steer clear of this jerk!  Instead of stabbing each other in the back, perhaps we should be more supportive of our sisterhood.  Let’s show these men that we are worthy of REAL love and healthy relationships


  1. Beware of Kenny Reppert 51 from Fleetwood or Hamburg, PA! Good looking, strange dancer and full of himself. Says he is looking for a long term relationship and really isn't. He reels you in to his life, tells you that you are his world then after he has gotten the best of you he starts to turn on you. He has mommy issues, sociopathic traits, drinks a lot and sometimes drugs, and leaves a trail of bruised women behind. I'm still in shock. Always talks about his ex-wives, and sex, doesn't get along with his four children, never met his grandchildren, constant complainer about everyone at work or family. After thinking and rethinking everything, he seems to hate women stemming from his mother. He manipulates, charms you, uses you, hurts you. He also is spreading an STD and will try to blame you for it. Don't be fooled by his sparkling blue eyes or cute face. He is NOT who he appears to be. RUN!!!!!!.

  2. Kenny Reppert - Beware of this man!
    Sociopathic traits, he will use the best of you and then ditch you via text. He will start dating his next victim before he's finished with you.

  3. beware of bigdoc hes a player from coventry/nuneaton area in westmidlands uk